Tuesday, December 8, 2009

MAKE something!

I have made my list and checked it twice...

What are you going to MAKE for Christmas Gifts?

Get your FREE Christmas MAKE List on Moda's website... here.  Just click on the homepage image to download a PDF of the list.


  1. I know that I could fill up that page in a heartbeat, so I will need several pages!

    Enjoy the holiday season!

  2. I saw that the other day on united notions site and wondered if you were behind it! Fun idea...

  3. Hi there! This is a random question from one of your older blog posts- but I didn't see an email address for you :) I was just wondering what machine stitch you used on your daughter's "FOUR" birthday shirt, for the crown? It looks like a pretty handstitch, but I think it's machine. :)

    Also- what letter would you put the crown on for the word "THREE" if you were making a shirt for a three year old? :)

    I know it's a random question, thanks!!!


  4. cool site. i love the design.


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