Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Carmen Convertible Bag

If you have not made one of these bags yet, you MUST!

It is the Carmen Convertible Bag by Serendipity Studios. The pattern has two sizes you can make... Handbag (smaller bag) or the Small Tote (larger bag).

I made the smaller bag for my sister for her birthday a few weeks ago. I loved the way it turned out!

I decided to go with a linen for the outside of the bag and add a little applique flower before attaching the pocket on the bag with a little rhinestone button.

These bags are so fun and easy to make, I am actually in the middle of making the larger one for a very close friend of mine for her birthday.

Monday, July 27, 2009

A morning of flying...

Saturday Morning Phone Call to Poppy {aka: my dad} at 7:30am

Granny: Hello?

Paige: Poppy Please.

Granny: Okay, hold on a minute.

Poppy: Hello?

Paige: Paige fly Poppy {translation... I (paige) want to go flying}

Poppy: You want to flying?!

Paige: Uh huh.

Poppy: Okay!

Paige: Paige come tirty mi-its {translation... I will be there in thirty minutes.}

So, Paige and I head on over to Granny and Poppy's house so she can go flying with Poppy. On the way there...

Paige: Mommy stay with Gra-ee and Paige go a-self... k. {translation... I want to go flying all by myself with Poppy and you stay at the house with Granny... Okay.}

Me: Oh... Okay (surprised).

Paige has gone flying several times while sitting in my lap... never by herself.

She has become such a big girl... I am so proud!

Oh... and btw... if you know where I can find a pink toy airplane, please let me know. She told me that she wants christmas (aka: Santa) to bring her a PINK airplane.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Frenchy Lipstick Skirt

For the Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, I decided to make myself a skirt to wear on the first day. Fortunately, Camille happened to take this picture of me at Market which turned out to be the only picture I have of the skirt I made. Thanks Camille!

The pattern is Bananafana's Lipstick Skirt {view B} and the fabric is from French General's collection, Rouenneries for Moda. I opted not to put the belt loops on the skirt and wore the belt ontop of my tank. BTW... these shoes {shown in pic above} match perfectly with the French General red... they are from Payless.

Also, just posted on the Moda Website... a Behind the Scenes look at the Spring Quilt Market... go check it out!

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