Friday, July 26, 2013

My thread of Choice...

I have had friends ask... Does it really matter what kind of thread I use? 
My answer to them... do you want your project to last?

Using a high quality thread will help your projects stay together for years on end. My mom taught me really young that if I wanted my project to last, then to use a high quality thread. They may be a little more than the run of the mill cheap threads, but in the long run, it pays for itself. The saying is so true... You get for what you pay for.

This lesson my mom taught me really stuck with me when I was on the search for a good high quality thread that I could use in all my projects, from machine sewing to needlework. That is when I learned about Aurifil Threads. Aurifil has a wide range of colors, thread weights and fibers types. You should really check out this awesome video done by Mark Lipinski on Aurifil Threads.

Plus it's Italian.. and everyone knows, Italians know all about producing quality products!  ;0)

So, when I decided to seek out an opportunity to have a thread collection to match my Flats fabric collection by Moda, Aurifil was obviously my thread of choice!

 I was so excited to meet with Alex, aka: Brand Jedi at Aurifil, to discuss my first thread collection, Flats. 

 Flats Thread Collection by Aurifil comes in two different weights... 50 wt for machine stitching and 12 wt for hand stitching. The threads are 100% Aurifil cotton mako and there are 12 colors in each box of threads.

 The colors are the same in both collections... There are dark browns, tan, black, naturals and yellow for the body and hair colors. And then red, orange, green, blue, and grey to match all the clothing colors from the Flats fabric collection.

You can visit the following sites for more information about the Aurifil Flats thread collection and my Flats fabric collection with Moda Fabrics... 

The Flats thread collections and fabric collection are available now at a quilt shop near you and online.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baseball Coach Bouquet and Buckets

Our Baseball Season has officially come to an end. I have to admit... I love being a Baseball mom. The energy and excitement at the games is awesome!  Our little 6U team finished 3rd in our Regional State Tournament which was really cool and a lot of fun. GO TEAM!!!

Anyway... to say THANKS to our head coach and base coaches, the team moms decided to go in on a special gift for each of them. One that they would never forget and personalized by each of the players on the team.

OUR HEAD BASEBALL COACH is a girl and she was great! So I put together this Baseball Bouquet for all the boys to present to her filled with flowers, a signed baseball bat from all the players and candy.

Plus a personalized letter that all the boys signed that read...

Supplies needed for Baseball Bouquet:

Wooden Bat (as the center piece of the bouquet and players to sign)
Candy - Big League Chew Gum, Snickers, M&Ms, Whoppers, Twix, Gummy Bears, Jolly Ranchers, Baby Ruth, Rieces Pieces.
Tissue Paper (to wrap the bouquet)
Fresh Flowers (to add to the bouquet)
Black Sharpies (for signing the bat)
Kabob Skewers (to attach candy to the ends to add to bouquet)
Tape (to attach the candy to the skewers and to help hold the tissue together at the base of the bat)
Ribbon (to finish off the bouquet)

Thank You Letter as shown above (we had the boys sign the letter/card as well)

FOR OUR BASE COACHES I filled a galvanized bucket up with sunflower seeds and topped it with our mascot a Baby Ruth candy bar and a signed baseball from all the players.

The thank you card on the buckets read...

Supplies needed for Baseball Buckets:

Baseball (for players to sign)
Black Sharpies (for signing the ball)
Galvanized Tin Bucket
Baby Ruth Candy Bar
Sunflower Seeds or Peanuts (with Shells)
Toy Mascot
Thank You Card as shown above.

Super easy and the coaches loved it! The boys had a lot of fun with it too. They all signed the bat and balls after presenting the gifts to their coaches. There may have even been a little bit of baseball chanting to cheer on their head coach for the great season they had.  Great group of boys... ready for next season!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Flats made it to the Magazines!

....a continuation from this post.

So... after the Flats got their new wardrobe, new pets and a new Flat House, they started getting a little more attention.

First, they got to sit right next to Editor, Mary Fons of Fons & Porter's Quilty Magazine in the May/June 2013 issue.

Moda Fabrics Flats ad on page 5 of Fons & Porter's Quilty Magazine - May/June 2013

Then, they made their way into Generation Q Magazine - June/July 2013 Issue.

Moda Fabrics Flats ad on back side of the front cover of Generation Q Magazine - June/July 2013

Publisher, Jake Finch, even gave the Flats their own little feature "Cuts" section of the magazine and has a couple of the panels plus a free pattern of the Flats house for sale here.

Editorial "Cuts" Flats feature on page 99 of Generation Q Magazine - June/July 2013

Now, they are off on a little trip, where they are visiting some new friends at American Patchwork and Quilting for a feature in the Fall issue of Quilts and More Magazine.

But, please don't tell them about their recent magazine features... we wouldn't want them to get a big head and think they could take on Hollywood. {*wink*}

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chocolate Day

Now this is one holiday I can get into. Can you believe there is an actual holiday for Chocolate?  Who ever came up with this idea... GENIOUS!

Check out all these yummy chocolate recipes I have found on Pinterest.

Now... what to make first? hmmm....

Friday, July 5, 2013

Sew It All - Episode 512

Last summer, I was so excited to be contacted by Sew It All TV to be a guest on my very own episode with host, Ellen March. {Eeeek!}

Ellen received a copy of my book, Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! and loved it! {YAY!!!} So we decided on a coordinating project that could be demonstrated on the TV Show and published in their Sew It All Magazine.

The Tablet Keeper was born and can be viewed on your local PBS station. Be sure to check out your local channel to see when Sew It All, Episode 512 comes on in your area.

Sew it All also came out with a DVD pack of Season 5 that includes my episode along with many other talented Designers such as, Heather Bailey, Mary Fons, Tara Rex, Rashida Coleman-Hale, Vanessa Wilson, Cheryl Kuczek, Kathy Cano-Murillo, Sue Hausmann, Brini Maxwell, Julie Tierney and Sandra Betzina. Season 5 DVD Series can be purchased here...

The full instructions and template of the Tablet Keeper/Case Logic Episode can be found in Volume 6 Issue of Sew It All Magazine.

Don't miss it!!!
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