Friday, September 30, 2011

Tutorial: Retro Pot Holder & Towel Set

1 Hand Towel {featured: Family Recipe Towels by Moda Home}
1 Pot Holder {featured: Family Recipe Pot Holder by Moda Home}
1 Medium size button {The button you select will need to be able to fit in the loop of the pot holder.}
Fabric pen or pencil {I like to use the Sewline Fabric Pen}
Coordinating Thread
Ruler or Measuring Tape


1. Fold your  hand towel in half, short ends together to find the center. Make a crease or draw a line down the center using a straight edge and fabric pen.

2. Using a basting stitch on your sewing machine, stitch down the creased or drawn line in the center of your towel.  Back-stitch at only one end.

3.  From the end that you did not back-stitch, pull the top thread to create a gathered effect. The gathered length should measure the same width as your pot holder width when folded.  See step 4 to find the appropriate size for your pot holder width.  Tie off the thread to hold the gather in place.

4.  Your pot holder should have one corner that has a loop built in to hang from. Fold your pot holder in half so that your loop becomes the top of the pot holder. Measure the folded edge of the pot holder so you know how much to gather your towel in step 3.

5. Pin your pot holder in place at the top corner. Then pin each folded edge to the gathered ends of your towel.

6. Take the pin out from the top corner and open your pot holder so that it lays flat on top of your towel. Pin the center of the pot holder along the gathered center of the towel.

7. Stitch your pot holder to the towel along the center fold of the pot holder.

8. Attach a decorative button to the top corner of the pot holder, that does not have the loop.

9. Fold the pot holder in half and use the loop as the closure around the attached button.

 Hang and enjoy the multi-purpose pot holder and hand towel in your kitchen.

Monday, September 19, 2011

7 months.

This week marks 7 months of my pregnancy and the beginning of my third trimester. Only 2 more months to go!  I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone by already.  Some days feel longer than others but when I look back at the months, they have flown by.  So far I have only gained 20 lbs with this kiddo... which I have to admit, I am very excited about.  My other two kids... let's just say I gained quite a bit more with them. Drinking lots of water, eating fruits and vegies, and yes... CHOCOLATE! This last month I have craved chocolate, dairy products like cottage cheese and milk, and beef.  Mmmmm.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Shabby Apple Dress

If you are ever looking for a dress for going out, to work, or simply for a casual occasion, you must check out Shabby Apple!  I am in love with their dresses.  The dresses made by Shabby Apple are made for real women.  You may have seen a post before I got pregnant about a dress I purchased to wear for Easter. Tailored with simple, clean lines that are flattering to any body type. So you could just imagine how ecstatic I was to find out that they also have maternity dresses

Most dresses made for maternity are very baggy and feel like you are wearing a sack. Not their dresses... the fit is perfect and makes you feel absolutely beautiful! 
Pictures courtesy of Shabby Apple,
I have the Aphrodite Maternity Dress and absolutely love it! It is made from poly/rayon/spandex jersey blend fabric and is stylish and comfortable. The eggplant color is absolutely gorgeous and is also available in a dark teal color, the Odyssey dress {shown above}. I especially love the details in this dress with a long tie beneath the bust line that wraps around the waist several time and can be easily tied in the front or back. 

Shabby Apple also focuses on helping women worldwide. Through their charitable work with women throughout Asia and Africa, they are able to convert dress sales into lifestyle changes for women and children.
The children dresses are especially cute and well made as well.  My daughter has this dress from the Shabby Apple line and she loves to wear it!
Pictures courtesy of Shabby Apple,
Best of all... Shabby Apple is offering all my readers a special 10% off discount!  How great is that!
Simply enter angelayosten10off in the discount code when you checkout. Hurry... This offer expires at the end of September!  Great time to buy your holiday dresses for Thanksgiving and Christmas parties.
Also, be sure to "Like" Shabby Apple on Facebook to stay up to date with their latest styles and promotions.
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