Friday, December 18, 2009

Carletta's Creamy Apple Cookies

These cookies were created by a new friend of mine, Carletta.  She is such a sweetheart and has the most adorable little girl.   I have recently tried a couple more of her recipes and am now trying to convince her to start a blog of her own.  AWESOME COOK/BAKER! Thank you Carletta for sharing your recipe with me to post on my blog and I hope you don't mind me posting your intro... 

"Hello Cookie Lovers!!!! Here is the recipe for Carletta's Creamy Apple Cookies. Now so you all know my kitchen was a mess trying to come up with this, I started trying to make the dough and everything from scratch (so old school). Then I realized that a long time ago someone did all this work for me and came up with canned goods and ready to bake dough's, it doesn't make us any less of a Baker right?!?!?! LOL Enjoy my creation & Happy Holidays!!!

6 Pepperidge Farms Pastry Sheets (I suppose any brand would work just don’t purchase the ones that are in many layers-too much work!!) (Puff Pastry sheets)
1 21oz can of Apple Pie Filling
2 8oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese
2 cups of Confectioners’ Sugar (Powdered Sugar)
1 1/2 Tbs Cinnamon
1 cup of All purpose Flour (for sprinkling on cooking surface. Not for filling.)

Make sure you follow the thawing directions on the pastry sheets!!!!
PreHeat oven to 400

In a large mixing bowl mix the Apple Pie Filling, cream cheese, conf. sugar and Cinnamon. (A small hand held elec. mixer is fine)

Mix until the apples are no longer large chunks. Set aside.

Sprinkle a fine layer of flour on your cooking surface to lay out the pastry sheets.

Lay out the pastry sheets.

Use a cookie cutter (circle) or a glass. Cover the ring of the glass or cookie cutter in flour.

cut out as many circles as possible-Do not be afraid to get them too close together-the goal is to not have too much pastry sheet left over

Place your circles on a ungreased baking sheet 1-2inchs from each other.

If you have any left over dough just ball it up sprinkle a little more flour on your prep surface and roll it back out to get in a few more cookies-Only repeat this 2 times because the dough will become hard from the flour on your prep surface.

After all your cookies are cut out and placed on baking sheets use your fingers and pinch the sides in on the cookies to form a bowl-like Tostitos scoops!?!

Use a teaspoon and fill each cookie with the filling you mixed earlier.

For decor I sprinkled a little cinnamon on the top.

Place in the oven for 15-20 min

The filling will puff up while in the oven but when you bring it out to cool it will flatten back out to make it look more like a cookie.

YIELD: about 4 dozen


  1. so about how many cookies does this one recipe yield?? i am doing a cookie swap this coming monday, and i want to bring these. if you could let me know how many one cookies one batch yields, that would be great, so when i do my shopping i can make sure i buy enough. i appreciate you posting this recipe!!

  2. Okay so when is it going to end!! I think I have gained 10 pounds just reading your posts lately. All the recipes look so yummy, but there is only so much a person can take until they totally breakdown and make every single cookie!!

  3. omg i hate you.
    {in that sister way of course.}


  4. Oh these look delicious. Sooooo delicious. Might have to make these...

  5. Oh my heck you have a lot of yummy sounding cookies! I can hardly wait to try this apple cookie! Merry Christmas! ~~Sheri


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