Monday, December 14, 2009

A Cookie Exchange... Kate Spain style.

A very good friend of mine and I hosted a cookie exchange yesterday afternoon and it was delicious!

We used plates and napkins from Target designed by the very talented Kate Spain.

A cookie exchange kit from Target. {LOVE this store!}

And we had the MOST DELICIOUS cookies EVER! 

Cream Cheese Apple Cookies {I have to say these were my absolute favorite cookies. I go for pretty much anything with apples... YUMMM!}

Island Cookies... another delicious cookie

Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies... my husbands favorite!  {Thanks Amy! ;)}

Chocolate Mint Truffles... mmmm.

Not to mention the yummy chocolates that hung about.

For their Christmas gift/party favor... a decorated travel mug that we all used for our Hot Chocolates and Coffee during the party.

Thank you so much girls for coming!  I had a wonderful, relaxing time sharing cookies with you all.  It was just what I needed in this stressful time of year. :)

Check back this week for the recipes to the wonderful cookies shared by my friends.


  1. the apple cookies intrigue me. I look forward to seeing that recipe!

  2. i hope you post the recipe to the apple ones too~i gotta go to a cookie exchange the 21st. so hopefully you post the recipe on here before then, because those look great!!!

  3. You are the best!! Thanks for making my plates look so good by putting those amazingly scrumptious looking cookies on them! Can't wait for the yummy recipes :)

  4. Yummy! They all look so good!
    I am anxiously awaiting the recipes as well. My kids love to be my guinea pigs;-)

  5. Thanks for sharing your party with us! The decorations are fab!

  6. What a fun (and yummy) idea! You guys really do it in style! Cute stuff!

  7. oooh.
    now i want a cookie exchange...kate spain style.

    and i'm in need of one of those red & white polka dot travel mugs.
    like yesterday.

  8. what a great idea!! dare i ask how many cookies you ate??


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