Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Matthew's Birthday Party

Sunday, we celebrated Matthew's 4th Birthday with some of our friends and family.  I had originally planned to have the party at our house and have a bounce house/slide combo as their entertainment.  W-e-l-l... that quickly changed to a Bowling Party when I checked the weather and they forcasted 60% chance of rain on Sunday {warning... you cannot trust a weather man.} It ended up being a beautiful Sunday afternoon outside and a BLAST of fun on the inside.  {Not to mention I did not have to stress about cleaning my house before and after the party :) I think that was the best part of it for me.}
The party was Awesome! We had a wonderful party host, lots of fun, pizza, cake and games! Oh.. .and did I mention... I did not have to do anything! Just show up bring some cupcakes, kids, and have FUN! 
 These bowling ramps are the best thing ever invented for little kids. 
 oh... and the bumpers too.
 Guaranteed score everytime!

 Matthew even received a souvenier bowling pin that everyone signed.
 It's not a party unless there is some dancing involved... Matthew got right up there with the host and they danced to Casper's Cha Cha Slide

 After all the bowling and dancing, we ate CAKE! I love this picture of my little man trying to blow out all his candles.  Look at those cheeks!
SUCCESS!  One happy child at his birthday party! 

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