Monday, November 22, 2010

No-sew T-Shirt Re-make Tutorial

Have a T-shirt that is just too big or boxy?  Freshen it up with a T-Shirt Alteration / Reconstruction.

1 T-shirt
Rotary Cutter, Ruler, and Mat
OR Scissors and Tape Measure
Two pieces of Ribbon 18" each in length.


Step One:
Put the oversized shirt on and decide on how much you want each side taken in.  I did 2" on each side.

Step Two:
Lay your T-shirt out flat making sure your side seams are nice and even.
Step Three:
Using your Rotary Cutter, Ruler and Mat, measure 1/2" from the arm pit seam and cut in 2". Now from that cut measure down 1" and cut in 2".  Continue this process, cutting 1" down from each cut until you have reached the bottom of the shirt.  Repeat this step for the other side seam.
Step Four:
Using your scissors, cut the seam on the fold to separate the two layers. Do this to all the slits you just cut.
Step Five:
With your ends separated, tie a double knot for each section cut all the way down the shirt on both sides.
Step Six:
You should now have something that looks something like this.
Step Seven:
If your sleeves are a bit too long, simply cut a tiny slit, just large enough to slide some ribbon through the hole, on the open side of the seam of the sleeve as shown.
Step Eight:
Slip the 18" ribbon through the slit you just cut and bring it back around to the neck of shirt.  Tie off the ribbon cinching the shirt sleeve up adding a bit of flare and shortening the sleeve just a bit.  Do this to both sleeves.

You are now done and have a new stylish T-Shirt you can wear with style.


  1. Thats fantastic! Your t-shirt looks so trendy!

  2. Very fun! Is that a Bakeshop t-shirt I see? By the way, the booth at Market looked fabulous from what I saw in pictures! You guys did fantastic!

  3. CUTE!!! I must try this. I have too many boxy men's t-shirts that need a makeover. Thank you! x

  4. I LOVE this idea. So cute and fun! I have PLENTY of T's that are in definate need of this makeover! :o)

  5. The Bakeshop tees were so cute! This will be a fun project to do with my daughter over the Christmas break...she will love this!

  6. GREAT, I have about 3 shirts that I could remake like this - great idea, thank you!!

  7. What a fun idea, thank you for the tutorial. Happy I found your blog. Hugs

  8. New Fan!!! Thank you so much


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