Friday, November 19, 2010

A new do!

{DISCLAIMER: Your eyes are not out of focus, it is the inadequate pictures of my iPhone.}

This is Paige. {notice the long hair on the right and the much shorter hair on the left.}
These are Paige's Scissors.
This is a wad of hair that Paige decided no longer needed to be attached.
This is result of me finally giving in and getting her hair cut so she does not butcher it herself.
I actually really love her new do.  It is pretty cute on her.
We had about 8"-9" cut from her hair and we are sending it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program so they can make a beautiful wig for a special cancer patient to wear.


  1. For some reason every little girl needs to cut their own hair. She looks adorable in her new do!

  2. She looks so happy with the new 'do and it's really cute on her. My youngest (a boy) hates when his hair gets beyond a buzz cut and will start putting anything and everything on it (including toilet water) to make it lay flat and stay out of his way. Does that make the scissors option look better??? :)

  3. Fortunately your daughter knows how to grow hair so it doesn't look like she cut her own hair. I hope that is the end of it. I had to buzz my three year olds hair after she cut her hair and her older sister "helped" her even it out. That was a sad day.

  4. Oh cute! I love her new do! We haven't had the "cutting her own hair" experience here yet, but I'm sure we will! :) It's so nice that you gave her hair to a good cause!

  5. I love her new hair cut! I think it's awesome that you are donating her hair. I keep thinking I should cut mine so I can donate some :)

  6. What is it with kids and cutting their own hair?!

    The new do is super cute though!

    I tell you what though, she'd be cute even if she was bald as a babys backside. :)

  7. She looks darling with her new "do"
    When my son was about 5 (he is now 17) He decided to cut the neighbor girls hair. She had long blonde curly hair down the middle of her back. He cut her pony tail off right at the rubberband. I seriouly considered moving before her parents got home. Lucky for me they were very understanding, and we are still friends.

  8. My granddaughter did this very thing not too long ago!! Paige's new hair style looks adorable...and it make her look older (not something a Mom wants to hear!)!! Congrats on donating her locks to a very worthy cause.

  9. I've always been afraid that my Paige will try this!

    Your Paige does look cute with her new 'do though! :)

  10. I hate to admit it but all 4 of my girls cut their own hair when they were little. My oldest cut all her bangs off right before church, on Mothers day.....I can laugh now.
    I was a super careful Mom and kept everything unsafe put away but kids will be kids....and these are the things that make the memories
    She looks adorable!!

  11. legal adorei as fotos me passa mais algumas voce não me entende em portugues


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