Thursday, October 14, 2010

Homecoming Wrist Mums Tutorial

This week is Homecoming week for our school so to help kick it off.... a tutorial for a Wrist Mum. A friend gave me this idea and I LOVE IT!  It was perfect for little girls that may not want the thing pinned to them all day.  Some mums can get very heavy.

1 Slap Bracelet
1 Small Boa
Rhinestone Iron-on Letters
1 Medium size mum flower
1 small size mum flower
1 Mum Ribbon with your team name pre-printed
1 Blank Mum Ribbon to apply the name of recipient
Assorted spools of ribbon that coordinate with your schools colors and mascot.
Mum accessories such as footballs, megaphones, etc.
Hot Glue Gun with extra sticks of glue
Bonash Non-Stick Pressing Sheet 


Step One:
Lay your slap bracelet out flat.  Cut a section of boa sized to fit your slap bracelet. 
Hot glue the boa to the slap bracelet.

Step Two:
Cut out the letters from your iron-on rhineston letters and place the letters towards the end of the blank mum ribbon.
Using a pressing cloth such as the Bonash Pressing Sheet, fold the sheet over the letters and ribbon and press into place.  This pressing sheet will help protect the ribbon from melting from the hot iron.
Remove the plastic from the letters and you now have some bling for your mum.

Step Three:
Cut various styles of ribbon 12"-16" in length depending on how long you want the ribbons to hang.  These can easily be trimmed down when you are finished glueing everything together.

Step Four:
Layer your Medium and Small mums and hot glue them together.

Step Five:
Turn your flower over and use the plastic bottom to glue all the ribbons and mum extras to by layering ribbon, glue, ribbon, glue, ribbon, etc.. You get the point.

Step Six:
Once you are happy with the ribbons and mum extras glued on, apply a dot of glue to the bottom of the flower and ribbons and glue to the boa side of your slap bracelet.  To help secure the flower and ribbons in place on the slap bracelet.  Fold over a few of the flower petals and glue to the underside of the bracelet.
Flip it over and this is what it should look like.

Step Seven:
Glue on some mum accessories to the center of the mum flower

Step Eight:
Wrap the slap bracelet around your wrist and wear with school pride!

Step Nine:
To give the mum as a gift.... a shirt box is perfect size and will help keep the mum nice and tidy.  Just add some tissue to the bottom and place the mum centered in the box.
 Great way to store the keepsake as well.



  1. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Out of all of the crafting blogs out there . . . this is the first homecoming item that I have seen?! I thought that was kinda crazy. You did a great job!

  3. Brilliant! I will share this with my friends!


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