Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This year I decided to let my kids decide on every piece of clothing they wanted to wear for their Halloween Costume.  Even better... I did not have to make a single piece of it. {phew!}

Paige decided she wanted to be Sleeping Beauty... and this is how her costume came together.
I especially love the stockings she picked out to wear with it. :)

Matthew wanted to be Bumblebee Transformer...
He LOVES Transformers {really anything that resembles a robot.}

We walked by this house with halloween decor and Matthew looked at the skeleton and said... "Oh No!  He fall down!"

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween... and lots of CANDY!

Good Night!


  1. your kids look great! and happy! im having a huge laugh cause my daughter wore the same pair of tights last night to trick or treat, but it was under her SPIDERMAN costume!!

  2. How old is your Paige? Mine is 5 1/2 and was wearing a similar pink dress to be Rapunzel on Halloween. Some people thought she was sleeping beauty! :)

  3. Great and stylish Halloween stuff! I like all the Halloween costumes given here. I really like this Spiderman costume for me, can you tell me how can I order this dress?? I had searched many sites and finally I got some designs here for Spiderman costume.


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