Friday, October 1, 2010

A Beef Challenge

Tuesday morning after dropping Paige off at school, Matthew and I headed to the doctor's office to finally have his Beef Challenge to see if he is allergic to Beef.  A couple months ago, he had a skin test and Beef came back as a border-line positive result. The only way to truly test if he is allergic to beef is to do this beef challenge.  Oh... did I mention that a beef challenge lasts about 3-4 hours? 

So... quick stop at Sonic to pick up a plain and dry hamburger and then to the doctor's office at 9am.

If you have never had any experience with this, here is the very short version of how it works.  The beef patty is broken up into fourths, each section is slightly larger than the next. {no equal portions} 

9:30am - the smallest portion is given to Matthew to eat.  Vitals checked. Check for hives. 30 minute wait time.

10:00 am - the next size portion is given to him to eat.  Vitals checked. Check for hives. Another 30 minute wait time.

{I think I forgot to mention... Matthew is NOT a big Beef fan in the first place.  So, lots of bribing, making yummy sounds and Cheering when he actually ate all the beef}

10:30am - the next size portion is given to him to eat. Vitals checked. Check for hives. Yet another 30 minute wait time.

11:00am - the final hamburger portion is given to Matthew to eat.  This one was about half of a hamburger patty. Vitals checked. Check for hives.  This was the toughest piece for him to eat.  He DID NOT want to eat this last bit of beef. He claimed it to be "YUCKY". It took him 30 MINUTES to eat all of half a patty.  Then once he finally ate it all, WAIT for 1 Hour.

12:30am - OUTCOME: Matthew is NOT allergic to beef.  HOORAY! 

I have to say, I sure have missed having hamburgers and beef spaghetti and anything else you can eat with beef in it for the last couple months.  Because of this suspicion of a beef allergy with Matthew, I stopped making meals with beef and switched everything we would use beef in to ground Turkey, Turkey Meatballs, etc {you get the point}.  I do have to admit it is a lot healthier to have turkey over beef, but beef is nice to have every once in a while.


  1. Good for Matthew & your family! I have went thru milk challenge with one child and an egg challenge with the other. It is sometimes hard to get them to eat at the challenges to Matthew did awesome! And it is always nice to have less restrictions in your choices.

  2. Its good that he is not allergic, something else to think about...eating more turkey is also more "green." It takes less food/input to produce a mature turkey, versus a mature cow. So eating more turkey is the "green" choice as well!

  3. YAY! That is good news. I was going to warn you about metabolic disorders had it come back positive but YAY that it didn't!
    Hope you all have some of that Texas steak to celebrate!

  4. I didn't realize that someone could be allergic to beef...well, I've never heard of anyone having that allergy. Happy Matthew is ok with to find out what is giving him problems.
    I wondering if buying products as organic as possible might help. We raise and sell our own beef; did pork a few years back as well and chicken/eggs. Organic milk..etc...just a thought.

  5. Poor Matthew...glad it all turned out ok! I remember my younger sister having to do this with a lot of stuff when she was little.


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