Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's a BABY!!!

Okay... so it is not a real baby, but it does have Baby in the title and it does take at least 9 months to make before it arrives. This kind of baby is my newest addition... Sew Modern Baby by Angela Yosten {aka: Me} published by Stash Books, an imprint of C&T Publishing.

My advance copy of my new book is here and it is so very exciting to see it in print... even smells like a baby. Alright, maybe not, but it is still super cute!

There are 19 stimulating projects contained in this book and they are all modern in style and feature high contrast fabrics mixed with a touch of linen for that heirloom quality.

I came up with the projects in this book when I became pregnant with our 3rd child. This is not your typical baby book either. This projects in my book focuses on the education and stimulation of a child's developmental process. Infants cannot see pastel colors when they are first born. Black and White are the first colors a baby can see. So why not create a quilt or toy that the baby can actually enjoy and experience first hand?

So with this in mind, I set out to create fun and exciting projects that both baby and mom can enjoy.

The toys include textures and sounds using rattlers, squeakers, and crinkle plastic that are all baby safe and sparks your baby's natural curiosity.

For mom, there are projects such as a tote bag, card holder and nursing cover up with a hidden pocket and clippie to easily keep track of which side you nursed on last.

The projects range in complexity from super simple for beginners to a bit more complicated for the advanced sewer. Applique techniques, quilting, bag and toy construction are just a few of the skills you will learn in this book.

So, get your machines out and start sewing.  Pre-order your copy today! In Stores everywhere coming September/October 2013. For retail shops, you can pre-order this book now from United Notions, C&T Publishing and other distributors.

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