Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back to School!

School started on Monday, but I am finally getting around to posting the kids pictures.

I love taking their pictures on the first and last day of school so I can see how much they have changed in just 1 year.

Crazy kid!

Love these kids!  Have a fun and creative school year!


  1. Your boy is getting tall! And your baby is so cute standing like he's one of the big kids ready to go! Your daughter looks like she likes school. 2nd grade is such a fun year. I love how they start reading so much in 2nd grade. So fun!

  2. Great Pictures! It is amazing how much they change in one year.

  3. Hi, Angela!

    As usual, so enjoy your blog.

    Love seeing how much your kids are growing ... wow ... and on their way to the first day of school.

    "Student in training!" LOL!

    I wish you and them a TERRIFIC school year. Hooray!


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