Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baseball Coach Bouquet and Buckets

Our Baseball Season has officially come to an end. I have to admit... I love being a Baseball mom. The energy and excitement at the games is awesome!  Our little 6U team finished 3rd in our Regional State Tournament which was really cool and a lot of fun. GO TEAM!!!

Anyway... to say THANKS to our head coach and base coaches, the team moms decided to go in on a special gift for each of them. One that they would never forget and personalized by each of the players on the team.

OUR HEAD BASEBALL COACH is a girl and she was great! So I put together this Baseball Bouquet for all the boys to present to her filled with flowers, a signed baseball bat from all the players and candy.

Plus a personalized letter that all the boys signed that read...

Supplies needed for Baseball Bouquet:

Wooden Bat (as the center piece of the bouquet and players to sign)
Candy - Big League Chew Gum, Snickers, M&Ms, Whoppers, Twix, Gummy Bears, Jolly Ranchers, Baby Ruth, Rieces Pieces.
Tissue Paper (to wrap the bouquet)
Fresh Flowers (to add to the bouquet)
Black Sharpies (for signing the bat)
Kabob Skewers (to attach candy to the ends to add to bouquet)
Tape (to attach the candy to the skewers and to help hold the tissue together at the base of the bat)
Ribbon (to finish off the bouquet)

Thank You Letter as shown above (we had the boys sign the letter/card as well)

FOR OUR BASE COACHES I filled a galvanized bucket up with sunflower seeds and topped it with our mascot a Baby Ruth candy bar and a signed baseball from all the players.

The thank you card on the buckets read...

Supplies needed for Baseball Buckets:

Baseball (for players to sign)
Black Sharpies (for signing the ball)
Galvanized Tin Bucket
Baby Ruth Candy Bar
Sunflower Seeds or Peanuts (with Shells)
Toy Mascot
Thank You Card as shown above.

Super easy and the coaches loved it! The boys had a lot of fun with it too. They all signed the bat and balls after presenting the gifts to their coaches. There may have even been a little bit of baseball chanting to cheer on their head coach for the great season they had.  Great group of boys... ready for next season!


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