Friday, July 26, 2013

My thread of Choice...

I have had friends ask... Does it really matter what kind of thread I use? 
My answer to them... do you want your project to last?

Using a high quality thread will help your projects stay together for years on end. My mom taught me really young that if I wanted my project to last, then to use a high quality thread. They may be a little more than the run of the mill cheap threads, but in the long run, it pays for itself. The saying is so true... You get for what you pay for.

This lesson my mom taught me really stuck with me when I was on the search for a good high quality thread that I could use in all my projects, from machine sewing to needlework. That is when I learned about Aurifil Threads. Aurifil has a wide range of colors, thread weights and fibers types. You should really check out this awesome video done by Mark Lipinski on Aurifil Threads.

Plus it's Italian.. and everyone knows, Italians know all about producing quality products!  ;0)

So, when I decided to seek out an opportunity to have a thread collection to match my Flats fabric collection by Moda, Aurifil was obviously my thread of choice!

 I was so excited to meet with Alex, aka: Brand Jedi at Aurifil, to discuss my first thread collection, Flats. 

 Flats Thread Collection by Aurifil comes in two different weights... 50 wt for machine stitching and 12 wt for hand stitching. The threads are 100% Aurifil cotton mako and there are 12 colors in each box of threads.

 The colors are the same in both collections... There are dark browns, tan, black, naturals and yellow for the body and hair colors. And then red, orange, green, blue, and grey to match all the clothing colors from the Flats fabric collection.

You can visit the following sites for more information about the Aurifil Flats thread collection and my Flats fabric collection with Moda Fabrics... 

The Flats thread collections and fabric collection are available now at a quilt shop near you and online.

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