Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kid Sized Apple Juice

Over the summer, my kids were constantly asking me for Juice.  I like to buy the Apple Juice in bulk since we go through so much of it. The only problem with that is the bottles are just so big and bulky and the kids can't get it themselves or we might have another problem on our hands {and floor!}.

So, after a conversation with my mom, she gave me a great idea. I started saving some smaller plastic bottles and made them their own kid sized Apple Juice containers.  Brilliant! I can still save money by buying in bulk and not having all the waste from the individual drink boxes PLUS my kids can stop asking me every 5 minutes for juice learn how to be a little more independent.

It's super simple and the kids love it!

All you need is a small container that is easy for kids to handle. I used plastic apple sauce containers.

Next, just fill up the small container with Juice from the larger bulky container.

Put them in the fridge and the kids can now easily access the juice with no mess!  WIN WIN!
If the small container gets low, just fill it back up with the larger one.



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  3. Some of the best ideas are the most simple ideas! Why didn't I think of that when my kids were little?

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  5. Good idea! I know that my nephew drinks diluted juice, so you could also fill the jug halfway with water to stretch it farther. (My current treat is 3 parts carbonated water to one part juice - but I actually use juice boxes because I don't have kids and we never go through a full container of juice before it goes bad (One small juice box with lots of fizzy water and ice makes two tall glasses full. Sometimes my husband has one, other times I drink them both my self - but I need to make it a "treat" to remind myself to drink enough liquid through the day.



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