Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Roman Numeral 9

This month Roman turned 9 months old.

At his 9 month appointment he weighed 18 lbs 9 oz  and was 27 1/2" long.

He only gained 1" in height and weighed less at his 9 month appointment than he did at his 6 month appointment. My milk was also starting to dry up even though I continued to breast feed him. Come to find out, when I pumped to see how much he was actually getting, I was only able to pump approx. 2 oz of milk. :(  The doctor thinks that is why he did not grow much so I stopped nursing and started him up on the Sensitive Similac Formula. He has been doing great on the sensitive formula (lactose free) and you can already tell a difference in his weight.  We go back for a 10 month checkup just to make sure he is gaining his weight like he should.

Till next month...


  1. He is so adorable and doesn't look under weight but I am sure he will gain it back quickly. Where did that nine months go? Blessings Sandra

  2. Congratulations on nursing as long as you did. I never had a plentiful milk supply, but I was bound & determined to nurse my daughter as long as I could. Your son looks just as healthy (and cute) as can be.

  3. He looks like a a chunky healthy baby to me! Love the pictures!

  4. He's too cute. Also, it's always fun to see siblings that look so much alike. :)


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