Friday, September 7, 2012

Desperate need of attention...

My Workroom.

It's my very own space where I work, design, create, sew and anything else I feel like doing in here.

It has been a little neglected with the organization lately and it needs a good cleaning.

Crossing my fingers that I can give it the attention it needs this weekend so my mind can be a little less stressed.

Mess = Stress in my life.  Need to get my room back in order. {not to mention the rest of my house, too.} :)

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. This makes me feel so much better! I've been making progress on my sewing room...but I've just put everything in the this weekend I'll be cleaning the sewing room closet!

  2. Ditto what Natalia said...I love it.

  3. I love your room too~ looks like a creative person works in it. :-) I need to do a bit of organizing too... unless i find a new project to work on. ;-) Have a happy weekend!

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  5. I'm so glad to know that I am not the only one who's sewing room looks like this! I feel stressed too but I can't seem to find the time or the motivation to do much about it. When I start I always uncover a project or think of an idea and off I go, making another mess!

  6. Nice blog and good photos.............great

  7. I always stay home rest.After 5 days work,i prefer stay home to go out.By the way,You really need to tidy up the room .


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