Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spider-man Turns Three!

Spider-man aka Matthew {my youngest} turns three on Sunday and we plan to have all kinds of Super Heros at our house for a big birthday bash!

He even made the cover of the Daily Bugle!

More Spidy party ideas to come...


  1. What a great party invite!!!! He's adorable to :) My littlest is a boy but I had 4 girls before him! So I'm racking my brain for fun boy parties, costumes, and other ideas! The daily bugle idea is too cute!

  2. Terrific invitation for your little super hero. He will have a blast I am sure. Happy Birthday!

  3. Our babies were born a few weeks apart. My "Baby Cow" turns 3 on the 15th.
    That's the cutest spidey I've seen!

  4. i love this invite so so much. my boy is turning three soon. the wheels are turning. thank you!



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