Monday, October 26, 2009

Fizzy Yummy Gift Tutorial

These types of gifts are a fun, quick way to say Thanks, Happy Birthday or just because.

First, start by purchasing a 6-Pack of the recipients favorite drink that is contained in a cardboard container.

You will need approx. 10 regular sized candy bars. Depending on the size of the candy bar you may need more or less to fit all around the drink container.
Using double stick tape, apply the candy bars as shown to the drink container.
Finally, tie some ribbon around the container to finish it off.
You can even tie some ballons to the handle for a greater impact. Deliver and enjoy! Who doesn't like Soda Pop and Chocolate!


  1. we needed one of those at market!! cute idea

  2. Very, very cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cute idea! Now where can I find those cute drinks in bottles in a carrier! I'll eat some candy while I look!!!

  4. That is so cute!! Of course that it was Dr Pepper made it that much better!

  5. adorable!! let me know when i should be expecting mine in the mail! ;-)

  6. So darling, where did you get those glass bottles of Dr. Pepper, probably only in Texas?

  7. Thank you!!! Our school has a fall festival fundraiser coming up. I know what I'm going to do! (And I don't have to sacrifice my precious Moda fabric!)

  8. Great quick gift!! Most of the grocery stores carry them... usually in the section where the mixers for drinks are... :) At Christmas time they will have a ton out!! Thanks Angela!!

  9. That looks like the perfect gift for Camille. Great idea!

  10. cane sugar d.p.

    the best kind.

    i believe it is only bottled in dublin, tx now.

    and made foutain style at the d.p. museum in waco.

    and i know this because i am the wife of a die hard d.p. drinker.


    just in case you didn't know.

  11. wow! super clever!
    I'd like to link to this on my blog (with a photo) if that is okay with you. (with full credit and a link back to your blog)
    Let me know

  12. Love the idea!.....but you know that I am a Diet Pepsi fan...:0


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