Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Princess Birthday Invitations

This weekend we are finally celebrating Paige's 4th Birthday Party PRINCESS STYLE! We had postponed her party from the orginal date due to several reasons. Here are some very cute ready made, except for the printing of the details, Princess invitations that I purchased from Target. Very cute and easy to assemble. LOVE these kind of invites... especially when I just don't have the time to do it all myself.
The invitations are by Carlton Cards and it comes packaged with a paper surround that are pre punched so once you are done printing your info for the party, just punch out the invite and thread the provided ribbon to the hat in the pre-punched hole. Address your envelopes and WHALA... Done! Easy... Peasy!!!


  1. Target, like Disneyland, IS the place where dreams come true!

  2. Gotta love Target! I'm planning a princess party for my granddaughter who's turning 4 in September :-)

  3. i used to work at target... and after didn't go in for over 3 months... it was hard but then i caved... because even though it wasn't the right job for me.... i just couldn't resit shopping there... they have everything!!

  4. I used those cards for my 2 yr olds bday this year


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