Thursday, May 21, 2009

Knock, knock... who's there?

Yes, it's me! I know, pretty lame knock knock joke, but hey... what do you do? Anyway... I finally decided to come up for air and post something. A Lot has been going on around here, Quilt Market, Moda Bake Shop projects, my Day Job, birthday party planning, wedding trip, let's just stick with A LOT!
Quilt Market was awesome! Lots of new ideas, fabrics, parties, people... FUN! I, again was promoting and teaching our customers about our websites and how they can utilize them in their stores and on their websites. Met some great people and got to hang out with some awesome designers! Camille, Bonnie, Joanna, Lissa, Sheri, Jillian and Brad, Sarah, Cara, Mary Beth, Jessica, Shasta, Lola and crew, Heather and Joel, Jona, Jen, and so many more... I just can't name them all.
If you are wondering, who's feet these are... Camille is on the left and I am on the right (red toes) :-P

I am also working on another Moda Bake Shop project that I hope to post in the next week or so. But, for now... check out my latest project for a quick and tasty dessert to hold you over.

Tonight, Paige and I are traveling to Nebraska for my cousins wedding.
Paige and my niece are flower girls in the wedding and she is so excited to be doing something with flowers.... she doesn't really care what, as long as flowers are involved. She loves flowers.... they are just so "yu-tiful"! Richie is going to take Matthew to Arkansas to see his Grandmother as they are having a birthday party for her. So much going on, this was the only way we could get it to work out to be at both. :) I am looking forward to spending some mother/daughter time with Paige. We are going to have to make sure we do some girly things, like do our nails, hair, and get all gussied up!

Next week, look for some Princess Party ideas! We post-poned Paige's 4th birthday party to the end of May so I would not go insane... LOL! No seriously... there has just been one thing after another, as V says it best... the laundry has puked all over the house, but it didn't stop with the laundry. The kids toys seemed to have caught the flu too as they have also puked all over the house. :-P Thanks V ... you made my day knowing that I am not the only one that has that problem lately. :)

OH... and check this out... I never thought being a web developer would get my name in an ad... WOOOTT! I love it!!! Well, I guess it wasn't actually the web developer job that got my name in an ad, but the designs and projects I have posted on the Moda Bake Shop! I will take it no matter how it gets there! YEAH! My little inch or two of fame is the fluer-de-lis on the top row.


  1. Very cool! I love your Bake Shop projects, Angela. It was great meeting you!

    --Mary Beth (true up stringer)

  2. Welcome Home! I hope things will calm down a bit for you, I so know where you're coming from. The ad is fabulous! I feel honored to be in such great company. Hope you have a fun and safe weekend. ooxx`jodi

  3. busy, busy gal!!!
    ♥ the pic of you & camille's feet.

    congrats on making the ad.
    it certainly is making the rounds in blogland.

  4. The ad is great...way cool! And I guess I'd better quit complaining about being so busy with my daughter's track and high school're sooo much busier...and nothing has puked all over my house, lol!

  5. ha! yeah i hear there's an epidemic going on. yes my laundry machine keeps spitting out clothes and i keep yelling at it to stop. it doesn't listen and so i find myself having a date night tonight with all my clean laundry to fold it. well at least "the office" and "30 rock's" seson finale's are on tonight so i have a little bit of entertainment while i work.
    best of luck with all the travels and have fun!

  6. It may be your laundry but it's my dishwasher that's barfing dirty dishes everywhere!
    I understand your busy..I am too...we were to go to Myrtle Beach this weekend and cancelled to work on projects in the house we are trying to sell...
    have fun in NE!

  7. Angela, thanks for sharing! I am happy that you had a great time and home with your precious ones. Doesn't sound like it is calming down anytime soon, though! Thanks for sharing your projects.

  8. Angela, It was SOOOO fun to get to know you and spend time with you at market... sounds like you will have a fun "girl time!" Thanks for all you do for Moda, I can't believe you can get all that done with a little family!

  9. sounds like you are very busy. hope you enjoy the wedding and mummy and daughter time sounds like alot of fun!!

  10. have fun on your trip... we all need that little get a way every once in a while... i love checking out your projects on MBS!


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