Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Total Package...

Meet Paige...
Paige is a very good girl. She is well mannered, loves to help mommy around the house, listens pretty good most of the time, goes potty like a big girl, does not like to be dirty... my kind of girl.

Meet Matthew...
Matthew, generally can be a good boy. He eats like a big boy, loves to cuddle, doesn't talk much yet.. actually talks another language that only he understands, still in diapers (which that is soon to change), loves to make a mess and get dirty. He is my little cuddle bug, but I could really do without the messy kid in him...

Lately, Matthew has had this thing about taking off all of his clothes and diaper and running around the house naked... What is up with that!?
Well, this morning... that did not change. Paige again, notified me that "Mashoo dressed"... translation = Matthew has un-dressed. SO... on with a new diaper, new clothes... all good.

As I am about to take a break from work to go feed the kids lunch, Paige yells from the hall... "OH NO Mashoo tee tee". I get up from my desk, look down the hall and this is what I see...


A-A-A-A-K-K-K! YUK-K-K! No... no... no... this did not just happen!

I literally just stood there for a moment gathering my thoughts trying to figure out where to start. Bleh...

Put Matthew in the bath...

Clean the poop from the floor and the wall... Luckily we have a steam deep cleaner to get it out of the carpet... yuk! Paige was my little cheerleader while cleaning up this lovely little mess. "Good girl Mommy... clean the walls"... she makes me laugh when she repeats stuff like I would say it.
Whew... much better... clean floors once again. For those of you that know me well... you know how much I hate having a dirty house.

Matthew is all clean once again and things are back to normal. I think this shirt was made for him...


  1. WOW!!! I remember my brother doing that as a little boy, it's good he did not do what my brother did. glad to see it cleaned, you have such a nice place.

  2. Hay, thanks for peaking at my blog! Wow, I can relate... my 2 year old left me a little surprise on the carpet this morning too! Ha, we're looking at a job in Texas... what company does your husband work for?

  3. I raised 4 boys. Don't know about girls, but when it's time to potty train, little boys do this.

    I remember well, putting them to bed at night with built up overalls on so I would get to them before they managed to take off the overalls. yuck..all part of being a Mommy!

    I couldn't help thinking when I looked at the picture, this boy will graduate someday and Mommy will be so proud!

  4. LOL Angela! That was too funny. I have two little ones myself, so I can relate. I don't know where I would be without my steam cleaner. Seriously, how do people clean up poop and other yucky stuff without one?! --Jen

  5. What a day! Is this what I have to look forward to w/my little person?????

    Have a good day!

  6. I'm still laughing!!! My babies are all grown happens enjoy the poop!! I'm still laughin'''...

  7. Why is that doesn't seems weird for me?

  8. I'm a boy mom... I can so relate! Laughed so hard over this post... really cute! Also made me think of the most recent episode of Jon & Kate... one of their boys "christened" their new house.

  9. Bless

    I have a son that looks to be around the same age as Matthew. I feel ya honey! My daughter too is the 'little mommy' encourager, sweet, tidy...then there is my 'sweet little "total package" son.' Thanks for the post! It made my day!!!

  10. I've had some of those accidents too. TG for carpet cleaners! Hope you're staying warm...we had a light dusting of snow this morning!

  11. Yes, I've had that happen over here at my house too. Not fun. Not fun at all.

  12. Totally yucky! I am so thankful that I have not yet had to deal with that one!! I hope that was a "one hit wonder." :)

  13. Thanks for the laugh! When my kids were little I would always say that my day hadn't truely started until their was vomit on my shirt or a booger in my hair! Gotta love the little rascals. I'm glad you got pictures.... those will come in handy when he's about 17!

  14. Aah, the desire of the little boy to be free!

    We have a steam cleaner as well. ;)

  15. I can't believe you posted that! LOL!!!! You will be glad you did when the child is 13 and DENIES that he ever did such a thing... you will have proof. thanks for a good laugh!!

  16. YUCK!!!! Boys huh? They keep it real!

  17. OMG! I so know what you have been through- only my little guy did it in the tub while having tub time with his sister-YECH had to re-bathe both of them!:( But I must say that I was laughing so hard reading your post! Thanks- I needed that! It also made me realize I was not crazy to be horrified when it happened to me! Thanks for sharing!
    p.s. btw- loved the tour of your beautiful home! Very inspiring and I love all your MODA touches!

  18. okay i just sat down and finally got to check out blogs! and i just had to comment that i've had this happen way too many times in my life! i feel your pain! oh and i love your hand bag you made and the oh betty nap sack is something i want to make for my boys! they don't get nearly as many handmade things as little katie gets!

  19. Been there, done that...and it still totally grosses me out! I'm so happy that you have a carpet cleaner because I've cleaned up those things without one and it's just awful. Good times (not!).


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