Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finishing Touches - Day 3

Some of my favorite things about our house is the handmade things that went inside the house.
This window (there are actually 2) is probably one of my most favorite things in the house. Custom designed by me and Handmade by my mom. She did an excellent job on these and I am very proud to have them in my house. She is a very talented lady.
From the outside of the house, the windows can be seen here...
From the inside of the house, one of the windows is located in our laundry room/mudroom.
I was actually very excited the way our laundry room turned out because I had just enough room to put three of the collapsible laundry baskets... great for sorting clothes.
The other window resides in our master bathroom shower just as you walk-in.

Paige's bathroom...
TIP: If you want to dress up a hanging votive holder... add some hankies. My sister gave me this wall hanging votive/flower/whatever holder from Canton. BTW... Canton is a HUGE flea market in Canton, TX for those of you not familiar with it. It came without any votive holders just round rings attached to the decorative metal wall hanging. So I bought three beverage glasses that angled out towards the top so the glass would not fall through the ring. Added the Summer Hankies by Moda around them and draped the tips downward. I think it gives it something extra special.
Another great TIP: Use a queen flat sheet to make shower curtains. I used the crochet sheet set by Moda Home to match Paige's bedroom. Measure the height you want your shower curtain to be. Layout a Queen sized flat sheet and determine which side you want the top to be (the head or the foot of the sheet). I wanted the crochet detail to be at the bottom of the curtain so I made my rolled hem at the foot of the sheet. Simply make a rolled hem (folding the fabric over twice) the size needed so that when you stitch the hem down at the top and bottom of the rolled hem, the finished size is the height you need. All the other edges are already finished, so all you have to do is add grommets. Just space the gromments out equally along the top of the curtain about 1 1/2" down from the top. Hang and enjoy! Oh... and make sure you put a plastic liner on the back side of the curtain towards the bathtub so it keeps the water in when showering.

Matthew's bathroom...

Again... with the sheets for the shower curtain. I just love the draping effect that it makes when using sheets. And the best part you can match your bedroom decor very easily! The other great thing with sheets is you can make them any height (well as high as the sheet is). Most shower curtains premade are too short... at least I think so. I like the shower curtain to go above the shower head and just barely rise above the floor. BTW... I never cut any fabric off the sheets when making the shower curtains. The top rolled hem gives the shower curtain that extra strength and stability with the thick layer so the grommets don't weigh down the top.


  1. What a great idea to make shower curtains out of sheets! I love to "pretend" shop online, especially at Pottery Barn & Pottery Barn Kids. I always see sheets on sale for really cheap but they never really go with my bedrooms. This would be a quick and cheap way to update my bathrooms!

    Thanks for the inspiration and tour of your home!

  2. I am so totally jealous of your laundry/mud room. Lucky girl!

    The windows are just gorgeous and I would love to have them in my house too!

  3. I am in love with your house. You have done such an amazing job with it- every single part of it!! Love it, love it. Love the kids bedrooms (especially Paige's pink and brown) and am completely jealous that you get to sleep under some Shangri-la! You have some serious style, girl. I can see why Moda snatched you up!

    More, more!


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