Monday, January 12, 2009

Finishing Touches - Day 1

This week marks 1 year that we have been in our new house. This is our second home we have lived in and this one by far is my favorite. We actually do have grass and landscaping now, however have not had a chance to take an updated pic as the kids are sick. Yes, again.
UPDATE: New picture...

and our lovely backyard...
I think this maybe one of my favorite parts about the house is the land. Our first house we had less than a quarter of an acre and you could practically see inside the house next door. You could hear dogs barking at all hours of the day and night and we never really got to enjoy the outdoors in our first home. This house has been wonderful! We live on just over an acre of land so... no loud dogs barking, lots of spacious backyard to enjoy and the neighbors are great! Because we live far enough outside the city you can even see the stars in the sky. Never thought that would be one of the selling points of location... but this was a plus!

In celebration of our 1 year anniversary of being in our new home I thought I would share some of the handmade projects that went into our new home throught the week. 1st and foremost... our house was designed by my very talented hubby. He works with AutoCad and Solidworks for the company he works for and has always had an interest in architectual design, so he did the layout and design of our new home. Of course, I had to put in my 2 cents in as well. When we had the rough layout done, we had an actual architect draw up our plans with all the legal specs and then had a local builder, Hailey Homes, build our home for us. So our home is all hand constructed and there is not another out there like it. I LOVE IT!!!! Lots of hard work and lots of love went into this house and plan to be here for a long time.

Welcome to our home!


  1. Beautiful, both the house and the yard. I'm so impressed that you and your husband designed it! I can't wait to see more.

    You know, here in Las Vegas they measure yards in square feet, not by acres. That should tell you something!

  2. OH I would love to see what it looks like on the inside! I bet that it is as beautiful as the outside! I bet it is wonderful to look outside and see all of the land that is yours! (All you see when you look outside in CA is your neighbor! Literally!)

    Can't wait to see your handmade goodies!

  3. Wow your house is sooo cute! I'm so jealous! I might have to have your hubby design me a house some day.

  4. You will and probably already do love have a bit of land all to yourself! Your home is beatuiful, I am happy for you!

  5. Your home is so beautiful, Angela! I'd love a tour inside... oh yes!

    We live on just a hair under an acre. Love it. Sometimes I feel like Eva Gabor in Green Acres (without the bobbles and gowns) living in the county... but nothing beats not smelling what your neighbors are cooking for dinner because you live that close is priceless.

  6. Lovely! I love all of the land you are enjoying! Our next house will definitely be a one-story and will need more land!

  7. Your house is beautiful, and I love all the MODA everywhere. YUM! Congrats on getting the house of your dreams, with tons of property.


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