Monday, July 28, 2014

Another Hair Donation

Here in Texas it gets HOT in the summer. Not a dry heat but a humid, sweltering, sticky heat. So, when Paige came to me and said she wanted her hair cut really short again... I got it.

I told her she could get it cut only under one condition. If she had enough hair to donate again, then I would take her to get it cut.  She has such beautiful thick hair, I cannot imagine it just going into the trash and not be used for something beneficial.

So we measured and she had between 9-11" that could easily be cut off and leave her with a cute bob again.  Pantene Beautiful Lengths was able to use her hair 4 years ago for a wig, so that is where her hair is going again. Pantene accepts lengths of hair that are at least 8" long.

So, a couple weeks ago, we took a little girl trip to the salon and got her hair cut. 10" lighter and cooler.

Now we have no more tangles + no more tears = one happy little girl.
Mom is happy too knowing her beautiful hair will be able to make someone with cancer happy to have a wig. WIN WIN!


  1. What a cutie! And how generous to donate to someone in need of hair. High five for your DD!

  2. My daughter has done this 3 times!! It's an amazing gift!!

  3. What a perfect way to donate! Havent heard of it here in Australia but boy, it's a great idea! Yep, high five from me too! xox

  4. Thank you and bless you both!

  5. My daughter has been a recipient of a real hair wig and I would like to tell your daughter... THANK YOU!!


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