Thursday, April 25, 2013

April Showers... Rain Boot Tutorial

Lately we have been getting so much rain here in Texas. Our weather is so unpredictable in the first place, but the term "April Showers brings May Flowers" is definitely ringing true for us this year.

I kept seeing these cute {but expensive} rain boots {aka: wellies} pop up all over Pinterest which got me thinking. This could easily be done with an inexpensive pair of boots, a few grommets, and a little bit of muscle.

So here is what you need...
A pair of Rain Boots {Wellies}

8 X-Large Eyelets with kit
Small Sharp Scissors

What to do...

First you will want to mark where you want your eyelets (grommets) to go. Use your chalk to mark the location for each eyelet. I placed two eyelets on either side of the boot.  You can do just one on each side or more. It is up to you.

Following the instructions on the manufacturers package, cut away the area that the eyelet will be placed and insert the eyelet with your hammer. Small sharp scissors work best for this small cutting.

You are now ready for threading ribbon.

Have your daughter help you if they are for her... she just might have her own opinions on how the ribbon is ties through the holes. ;)  These boots were made for Paige and this is how she wanted her bows.

Next I think I might try an extra wide fabric ribbon and tie them to the back of the boots for a new adorable look.


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  3. Love these. I can't wait to make these for my daughter!


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