Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ten Little Things Quiet Book

One of the most exciting benefits of working for Moda Fabrics is being able to see all the brand new collections before they are sampled out to our customers. When I first saw the Ten Little Things collection by Jenn Ski... I was ecstatic! 

Finally... a collection that can be used for young kids {not just baby}. Not only is it a great choice for the girls... it is perfect for BOYS! LOVE IT!

So, my creative juices started working. I am very excited to be able to share a free pattern I designed especially for Moda. 

Read more about this free pattern and fabric designer on Moda... the Cutting Table blog.


  1. Oh my heavens Angela, this is adorable. I think this is the cutest quite book I've ever seen. You should get double brownie points for doing this with a baby!

  2. You made that?? I had no idea! I love it! That was at my house for a little while so I could take a photo for an ad. Did you see it?

  3. I saw this over at the Moda Cutting Table and it is so adorable!! What a great little book!!

  4. This type of book to a baby with good . i date asia My sister 's house have many .


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