Monday, February 20, 2012

1927 Baptismal Heirloom

This past Sunday, Roman was baptized into our church. It was a very special and memorable day, but there was one thing that made his day extra special to me.  The baptismal gown that he wore was not just any old gown. This particular gown was handmade by my Great Grandma hee hee in 1927. {that is what we called her because she laughed all the time.} She made this gown for my grandpa to wear at his baptism.

All my Grandpa's 8 kids, 13 out of 16 grandchildren, and 11 out of 16 great grandchildren wore this gown at their baptisms. I was one of those grandchildren that wore this gown at my baptism when I was a baby and now three kids have also worn this at their baptisms.

The gown is made from a very lightweight linen fabric and has two pieces to it... the gown and a slip.


All of the detail work and lace edging you see was all done by hand by my great grandmother.  She was so talented and I appreciate her talents more and more as I get older.  I absolutely adore this gown and feel so very blessed that my grandmother has saved this for all of us and our kids to wear on their special day of baptism.

 Roman was the 33rd child to wear this 85 year old gown at his baptism. It is still as beautiful today as I am sure it was 85 years ago when my great grandma hee hee made it.


  1. How beautiful to still have this wonderful heirloom gown. Maggie xx

  2. So lovely. These heirloom pieces are full of hope and blessings. So glad you used it on Rowan who is growing in size and grace...
    That last photo suggests the little guy would rather have another outfit for the day but with time he'll treausre to be one more link in this lovely path of love and family created so long ago by loving hands.
    Congratulations on the Baptism!

  3. What a wonderful heirloom...and so neat that so many members of your family have been able to be baptized in this gown. Gorgeous pictures, too!

  4. What a wonderful tradition it's beautiful.

  5. Beautiful!! My family has a dress that has been passed down from generation to generation.... I was lucky enough to get to wear it.

    I love family heirlooms!!

  6. I love that so many babies have worn that Christening gown! I wonder if your Grandma hee hee ever imagined that when she created it! I have three children and both girls wore the christening gown that I wore and my son wore the christening suit that my brother wore. Makes everyone feel a little closer!

  7. What a wonderful tradition it's beautiful.i date asia


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