Friday, June 4, 2010

Quilt Market - Spring 2010

I think I am probably the LAST one to finally post about Quilt Market. What is the saying... Save the BEST for last. ;-P Just kidding. so... here it goes.

Quilt Market was great!  This time around I went with my MOM.  I was so glad she was there and I am now kicking myself because I did not get a single picture of us together... what was I thinking? Hindsight is 20/20.  We had a blast... riding the light-rail with our light-rail buddy, Kim... walked up and down Nicollet Mall street... enjoyed a night with bloggy friends at Fabric 2.0... and walked Quilt Market and helped my mom pick up lots of fun new things for her online store.

Met some great people, saw some beautiful new fabrics, patterns and MORE!
Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Design...
You can also find his Moda Bake Shop recipe here.  Very talented young man!

 Favorite Things
They have some of the cutest pattern designs.  I had actually made a skirt to wear to last Fall Market from their Hip Skirts pattern.  Very well written patterns... great job girls!
Quilt Nook Gal Designs
Cara is so sweet... 1st timer with a booth at market.  Well done!
Tiny Seamstress Designs...
Tiffany... it was such a pleasure to finally meet you!  You are So Stinkin Cute!  Oh... and so are your bags. Be sure to keep a look out for this little seamstress to make an appearance here.  :)
Crazy Old Ladies...
Girls... it was lovely chatting with you! They had adorable subtle hints of Alice in Wonderland all over their booth.  Very Cute!  Check out their free tutorial here.
WillowBerry Lane...
Maker of BerriAngles... These little guides are very cool!  I received a wonderful demo from this wonderful man.
The lovely girls of Izzy and Ivy Designs.  I think they are probably in my TOP 5 favorite Pattern Designers. LOVE all their patterns.  Jana... if you ever need to find a home for one of your lovely ruffle-y bags... you know how to find me ; )  It was great seeing you girls again!  Check out their free tutorials here.
The cheery sisters of Me and My Sister Designs.  If you have never met these two... you should go check them out here! They are a HOOT!  You girls rock!  I love seeing them every market.
Laurie Simpson and Polly Minick of Minick and Simpson.  Check them out here.  OH... and don't forget to get their free tutorial on the Moda Bake Shop.
Kansas Troubles Quilters...
See Lynne in action showing off her new collection here.
The adorable Moda Dollhouse booth... check out our Marketing Director, miss ModaLissa, showing off all the work they did to the booth. CUTE!  Make sure you check out this video and then go over and say Hi and let her know how much you enjoyed her video. ;)  btw... you can tell her I sent you. {insert snicker here}
Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs is a new designer for Moda and I absolutely LOVE this collection.  TOO CUTE for words.  Love the simple elegance of it.  Meet Bunny Hill here.  Anne, it was a pleasure meeting you!
Super cute new collection, Punctuation. 
New Moda Designer, Oliver + S... Check out her video here.
Fig Tree & Co...
Meet Joanna {or should I say Miss Hepburn} and her new collection, Breakfast at Tiffany's.
I had the pleasure to get to know this mother and daughters team this market and they are just as "Sweet" as you would imagine.  I think this collection is my All time favorite collection this market... Pure.  Wonderful for boys and girls of any age!!!  THANK YOU for designing fabric for BOYS!  Authentic is my other favorite collection by this team of ladies and I must say it should become a basic... {if I can put in my two cents}.  See their video here.
Camille of Thimble Blossoms is half of the design team of Bonnie and Camille and they introduced their be-a-u-ti-ful new collection, Bliss. 
The other half of the design team is Bonnie of Cotton Way.  Bonnie and Camille are a Mother / Daughter design team for Moda.  You can check out their video here
Introducing her new collection, Lollipop.  Lots of fun! Must check out her video too.  And also her free tutorials here.
And last but not least... this cute little picture of Camille, Me and Vanessa.  Vanessa is HILLARIOUS!  I had a blast getting to know her and finally meeting in person!  If you were at the Moda Party... you just might even caught us shaking our boo-tays on the dance floor.


  1. Thank you so much for finally posting something. I thought I was going to have to send out the coast guard to see where you were!!!

  2. I completely second your comment on "pure". There are never enough fabric designs for boys that don't include trucks or robots!

  3. Great market post...worth the wait!

  4. It was totally worth the wait! Great pics and great info ... makes me feel like I was there:)

  5. What a fun Market recap! Pure is really great.

  6. I hope to go one day! :)

    Looks like too much fun! :)

  7. well, i for one had a wonderful time. and my boo-tay will shimmy any time there's music. it's in my blood.
    it was wonderful meeting you as well! hope to keep making your acquaintance on a regular basis. and did i not get a picture of you and your mom?! seriously we had all those cameras right there!
    next time. :)

  8. Hey you! It was so fun meeting you too! And super fun chatting with you and your mom. Great pics! Some of my most favorite booths!

  9. Nope, you're not the last ... I still haven't posted anything since market! I'm working on it ... ... ... :-)

  10. Thanks for that tour! It looks way to overwhelming of goodness there.

    I agree about the comment for boy's fabrics - we need more! ALOT more...and not just baby boy stuff - bigger boy stuff! I'll be the first to buy it and make stuff! LOL

  11. They have some of the cutest pattern designs.


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