Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hair Bow Holder Tutorial

Trying to find the right color hair bow or matching hair bows can sometimes be difficult when they are all thrown into a big basket.  This is an easy and decorative way to display all your little ones hair bows all in one convenient place.

Materials needed:

12 x 16 frame or whatever size will work best on your wall.  I chose to do two frames so I could hang more bows.
Moda Fat Quarter for each frame
Scrap of batting that will fit your frame (about fat quarter size)
Various sizes and colors of ribbon
Staple Gun and staples (be sure you get staples that are not longer than the width you plan to staple through.)
If your frame does not come with a wood backing, then you will need to get a piece of thin wood that you can cut to fit your frame.


Take apart your frame and remove the glass.  You will not need the glass so you can find another project for it.
 Lay your Fat Quarter of fabric face down, next your scrap piece of batting, and finally lay the wood backing board from your frame on top.
Wrap the fabric and batting tight around the wood backing.  I added an additional layer of cardboard to mine so my staples would not go through the front since my board was super thin. Staple in place.
 Continue to wrap and staple until all four sides are finished.
 Your covered board should now look like this.
 Take the ribbons you selected to match your bathroom decor and lay them across the board.  This can be as random as you would like.  I chose to do mine vertically, however you can do them, horizontally, diagonally, or all of the above.
 Staple the ends of the ribbon on the back side of the board.
 place your covered backing into the frame and secure in place.
 Hang and add your bows.
 You now have a decorative wall art that is pretty and functional.

Angela Yosten


  1. I love this! I am going to have to make one of these very soon. I hate digging around in a basket, and by the time I find one she has already ran off. Thanks for the tut!

  2. Great idea! I have two girls (one with no hair...yet!), and this is just what I need. :)

  3. Now that's a cute idea! Will have to give this a try for my granddaughter. Thanks!

  4. So cute! I may try this!

  5. Thank u for the information! I did mine with hot glue but I guess whatever works, huh! Now I can empty the drawer that filled with all her hair bows and it neat looking also!


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