Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Princess Party Recap

Where does the time go? There just always to be something going on this past week and I am ready for a break. First our air conditioning unit for one side of our house breaks (again, I might add - twice in a year and a half... darn parts!) then our oven heating coil that resides in the bottom of the oven, burns out by shooting a white flame from the coil. Luckily we have a double oven so we were able to use the lower one until the upper oven is fixed - thank goodness for warranties! Lots of laundry to do, birthday presents to make, all in the evenings after I get done with my day job. WHEW!!!! So sorry I have been MIA, but I think I am back to my normal routine.

So... finally, here are a few pics from Paige's 4th Birthday Party.


  1. yeah our bday maddness always happens right around christmas and past christmas time. sorry about the air conditioner and oven. when it rains it pours it seems!
    glad you are back though! ;)

  2. oh yayyy!!!
    yall had the cutest party food EVER.
    {i especially loved the marshmallows.}

    sorry about your oven & air conditioner...ewww.

    glad to have you back chicka!!!

  3. i want to be a kid again!! i miss birthday parties...cake... and party favors... sooo sorry about the oven and ac... we had a crazy storm here last night that woke me out of a sound sleep... i was afraid to go outside this morning!

  4. we are having cupcakes this year for our party also that is coming up this weekend!! cute, glad things are going to be calming down!!

  5. Looks like the absolute cutest, cutest birthday party that I have seen for a while. She is a little princess!

  6. Looks like someone had the best birthday party ever!!

  7. The Princess party looks like it was a success.

    Ouch...no A/C in Texas during the summer!

  8. AnonymousJune 15, 2009

    Looks like a great party. So CUTE! I love looking at your designs on Moda Bake Shop. My mom and I are opening a Quilt Shop in Brunswick Missouri, called Sew Sweet Quilt Shop. We love all things Moda. I'm also a stay at home mom and plan to take the kids with me to work. Family is most important. Look me up at www.sewsweetquiltshop.blogspot.com

  9. what are those marshmallow things on a stick? They look phenomenal!!!


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