Monday, April 6, 2009

TAG... your it!

So, I have officially been tagged by a good friend... Camille. I am suppose to list 7 Randomly Honest things that you may not know about me. So... here it goes.

1] I am incapable of being still... just ask my husband. I am constantly doing something, whether it be working, housework, sewing, playing with my kiddos, planning... I could go on... but I will spare you. :) Apparently, even when I am sleeping I am moving around.... sorry Richie. I MUST have something to work on if I am going to be sitting still.
2] I don't watch much TV, however there are two shows that I just have to watch every week, House and Bones. I actually get quite frustrated when Fox decides to show American Idol in place of these shows... Honestly... how much longer can this show go on?

3] As a kid, I took gymnastics for 7 years at SOKOL Dallas. It is a Czech gymnastics organization. My Dad's side of the family is Czech. I was never able to do the back handsprings and back flips like my sister. I just never could get used to my lanky body while growing up... we'll just say I was a bit of a clutz.... that would be me on the right and my sister on the left.I am proud to say that I can actually still do a handstand, cartwheel, round-off and back bend. Woohoo!

4] I always try to give tips to the Sonic Carhops as I, too, worked at a Sonic as a summer job in High School after life guarding at the city pool. nice tan... right? WOULD LOVE to have that again. I look like a ghost compared to that now. :{

5] I hate talking about politics! It does nothing but make me frustrated and rather not go there.

6] I do NOT enjoy cooking. Don't get me wrong... I know how to and can do so successfully... most of the time. I would much rather call in a pizza or pick up something from our local Sonic... since that is all we have in our little town. You know you are in Texas when you see a John Deer tractor pulled into the Sonic! (actual picture taken by me at our local sonic)

7] I enjoy drawing... although I have not done it in a really long time. I used to draw portraits all the time... then it seemed like time just got shorter....hmmm. This particular portrait I sketched in 1998.

So... that is a little bit about me that you may have not already known.

Now, to TAG some other people.

How about... Sarah, Bloom, Holly, Monica, and anyone else that wants to join in the fun!


  1. Love it! Love all the pictures, love the fact that you don't cook, love that you are incapable of holding still... You and me, we were meant to be friends. Pretty darn sure.

    That said, we need to talk politics. ;-)

    (totally teasing)

  2. holy mother of all tan legs! i, just like camille, think it's pretty darn cool you don't like to cook (i hate it) can't sit still, (it's over rated), and you don't watch tv (i never turn mine on on purpose, i only watch what my husband watches and guess what it's bones and house! HA!)

  3. Don't know how I came across this post this morning. Made me smile seeing the old pics. I'm pretty sure you take the "not sitting still" after me... I have never been able to sit without a project or doing something while in a horizontal position. Mind can't shut down, always thinking of something to make or paperwork to do... shows, new products, kids, grandkids, calendar of things coming up... list goes on and on... and sleep? comes and goes... :)Thanks for being a great daughter. Thanks for sharing your posts.


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