Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's going to make it A-L-L Better!

This is what my daughter says when she has to take her medicine or go see the doctor... It's going to make it a-a-l-l-l better!
Tummy Bug + rainy weather + asthmatic child = one sick kid and a hospital visit.

4 am... snack of peanut butter crackers while watching Sleeping Beauty.

Paige telling me what pictures to draw... our family, mommy's computer, mommy pictures (camera).... hmmm... what would make her think of these items? :)

This is what we did over the weekend. I am just thankful to have her home and well again!


  1. What a difficult weekend....know that I am praying for your little one, and YOU too!!!! Children and hospitals are NOT a good thing, unless it is to bring a new baby home. Hope the week goes MUCH better. XXX Annie

  2. oh. i hope your cute little girl gets better soon. having to watch one of your little ones sick is worse than being sick! we'll be thinking good thoughts over here for you guys!

  3. aww poor thing! I hope she is feeling better

  4. Relaxing weekend, huh??? So I take it you were awake at 4 AM for the cracker feed too. Is there time for a nap today?

  5. oh my gosh.
    bless her little heart.
    {and yours.}

    i hope she feels better soon.
    and i'll be saying a little prayer for yall.

  6. Poor thing. Everyone looks so vulnerable in a hospital bed...especially little ones and old people. I'm glad you've got her safely home now.

  7. I hope she gets A-L-L better real soon!! Life is hard when our kids are sick.

  8. Hospital stays are no fun. Especially with our little ones. I hope she's doing good and you all have a fabulous week. ooxx`jodi

  9. Oh that poor little dear. Glad she's better.

    Love the new picture of you!! I need to get to the actual blog instead of reading in bloglines to keep up to date!

  10. hope she is better and back to her normal self real soon and for YOU I hope you take it easy too.
    Nothing worse than a child having to make a hospital visit, we never get to rest while we are there with them.
    hope your week gets better fast!

  11. Hi Angela,
    I hope she's feeling better soon. I'm sure she's much happier being home. Sending good thoughts your way for a better week!

  12. Poor baby! I had to take my 3 year old to the ER for an IV a couple of weekends ago--not fun! It broke my heart! Glad she's feeling better!

  13. I am glad she is home with you. She is quite the artist!

  14. Oh poor thing! That just breaks my heart to see her in a hospital bed. Here's hoping that that doesn't happen again, huh?

    Love the pictures, I think my boys would have me draw the same. plus batman, jedis, lightsabers. It's kindof a slippery slope once I start drawing. And I am NOT as good as you! See you soon! As in, SOON!


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