Friday, December 19, 2008

The Good and the Bad...

Okay, first the bad, or should I say sad news... Last night I took Matthew into A-Cute Kids Urgent Care because his eyes started to water really bad and was beginning to turn pink. He has been running fever off and on the last two days and just not feeling good at all. Well... my poor little man contracted Pink Eye on both eyes and to top it all off... an ear infection. :( ... and this is my healthy kid. Paige is normally the one getting sick. Poor guy.

The good news is... Richie (hubby) brought me home a very cool and wonderful Christmas gift Wednesday night. I must say I was quite surprised and EXCITED! I have been wanting a new camera for a little while now and this is what I got.... A Nikon D60... I have a REAL camera now! I have taken LOTS of fun new pictures learning how to use this. I was actually a bit intimidated by it at first... I have never had a camera with so many options. I am really going to have to do some studying on this little gem.

Much different from my old friend...

She will stick around though... it is always good to have a small camera that you can take just about anywhere.


  1. Lucky, lucky you!! Enjoy your new camera!

  2. Yeah!!! Nice Camera! I'm a Nikon(aholic) user oo, so this proves it, we have way too much in common! Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Angela,
    oh, your poor little boy. Hope he's soon as fit as a fiddle again!
    Congrats to your new camera, I know how exciting it is to switch to a slr - it's a whole new world...
    Merry Christmas!

  4. We just got the D60 too...I am sharing it with hubby. It takes great photos. I am still learning how to use it though.

  5. I want a new camera too! Lucky girl.


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