Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Banana Fabulous!

I was able to sneak a few pics of this skirt before my hubby left with the camera again. Honestly... How cute is this skirt?!?! I am going gaga over it! I am so proud of myself for making this... it turned out so beautifully! Paige has been wanting to wear this skirt everyday.
This skirt pattern was designed by the very talented Jess Goldman of Bananafana. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Quilt Market this past month and she is so sweet and adorable! She truly has some magnificent designs and I want to make them all!
This particular pattern called for 10 strips of fabric sewn together side by side to create the top of the skirt. I wanted to create a more patchwork look on this skirt (also because I had a designer roll I wanted to use), so I divided the measurements up by four (adding extra for all the seam allowances) and stitched it all up so it equalled the same length and height that the pattern recommended for the size necessary. I made the 4T-5T size. Sorry, no spilling any instructions or measurements here.... you must purchase the pattern by Bananafana.

I used the Sonnet Collection by April Cornell for Moda Fabrics for the fabric and crochet trims and then found a dark brown dottie grosgrain ribbon and amber colored crystal buttons for the other accents on the skirt.

A layer of bronze colored tulle...
More of the April Cornell trims with flowers for the middle of the waistband to finish it off.
This skirt, as it looks difficult, is actually fairly simple to make. Just lots of layers.... lots of wonderful layers! If you too want to make this beautiful skirt, just purchase the Once Upon a Time pattern by Bananafana.
Now, I just need to get all her other patterns to make...


  1. Oh wow! I love the April Cornell fabrics in the skirt! How cute is this! It turned out darling and I love all the extra details you added!

  2. How cute is that!! I just got 2 of her bag patterns. Was the skirt fairly easy to make, and were the directions clear?

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the fabric and that pattern is too cute! I just know my girls would never want to take such a pretty skirt off!

  4. That skirt is a work of art...I love it! I would have loved to have made a skirt like that for my girls when they were little!

  5. WOW.!! How Gorgeous is this Much Detail..can't wait to see it on...

  6. This looks like the ultimate, fantasy twily skirt. So adorable!

  7. that is so gorgeous! but I want a grown up version :-)

  8. Wow. I LOVE that skirt. I am dying over that skirt. Thanks for showing me the way to your blog. Looks fun. Can't wait to check out the rest of it.

  9. Aren't you a doll! Thanks for taking the time to make one of my patterns, I don't feel worthy:0)! The skirt turned out beautiful! I'm sure the pictures don't do it justice, you really did a great job! So, you want to try a bag next? ;0)


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