Friday, September 12, 2008

What fun!

I brought Paige with me to the office today since she had a doctor's appointment later in the day and Lissa, my boss, had given her these cute little toys. One was a sparklers head band which she wore all throughout the Moda Warehouse and into the evening and the other toy was this fun little clacker / yoyo /squishy thing.

She played with both of these toys all day and night. It was kind of cute when she received the toys from Lissa... she said "Me, dank you" so Lissa replied, "Me, welcome you". It made me chuckle... Paige has this thing of saying Me, in front of words that have to do with her. At least it has shortened from two me's to just one. Anyway, Lissa, I think you have made a new friend!

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