Saturday, September 13, 2008

Calling all EQ6 Users!

Did you know that you can download Moda fabric images off Moda's website? Well... you can and you can easily upload them into EQ6. It's simple. Just go to hover over the Fabrics tab and click What's New. On this page we post all the new fabrics that will be coming to a store near you. If you click on the dark brown dot under each of the fabric collection images, a pop up window will prompt you to Save or Open the file. Click Save and select a location to save the .zip file someplace on your computer that you will remember. Once the save is complete, you can go to your computer in the place you saved the file and extract the JPG images from the zip file. Once extracted, then you can upload all the JPG images into EQ6. You can visit this months newsletter from EQ6 or look in your EQ6 manual on how to upload the images into your Library. I have also found that Piecemeal Quilts did a great write-up on their blog as well on How to import fabrics in EQ6.


  1. Thanks for the link! I was so excited to see this feature from Moda that I couldn't stop talking about it. I've loaded seven or eight fabric lines into my EQ6 already.

  2. Now I just need to uprade to EQ6!


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