Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Lego Birthday.

My little lego man turns 5 today!  Happy Birthday, Matthew! 

I found these shirts on Etsy by Made by Morgan and they are sooo cute!  She will customize the shirts with any number or add a hair bow to the lego figure for girls.  The kids loved their shirts!

To celebrate his birthday we had a Lego Race Party... and it was so much FUN!

For the cupcakes, I simply went to Brookshires and let them do all the hard work. I ordered a cupcake cake that was a Disney Cars theme and I asked them to leave their cars off of it.  I simply ordered the cake decorated like a race track.  I then purchased some LEGO Cars, built them, then added them to the cake.

CAUTION WHEN CONSUMING: Black frosting will turn your mouth and teeth... BLACK and BLUE!

Just a few highlights from the party...
Be sure to check back for some fun Lego Tutorials and Printables coming this week.

Also check out more Lego fun on my Pinboard.


  1. Happy birthday to your (not so) little boy!

  2. After Easter, Christmas, and Halloween, I always buy up the seasonal lego kits (they aren't holiday related, just a small size for stockings, trick or treating, etc). 4 days after the holiday, Target has them 75 percent off. 7 days after, they go to 90 percent off. My son helps me find all the ones hiding in the checkout that were the seasonal ones (you have to know what to look for because like I said, they aren't seasonal). We buy everything that's left and that is what I use for party favors. Whatever is left over I use for rainy day surprises or just throwing into a gift bag with another toy for a fun happy. Today I noticed our target had unopened boxes of lego that were supposed to go out for Halloween but didn't. Can't wait til Monday...I'm gonna RACK UP!

  3. I'm a little late but those children are precious and I love the idea of the party!!! I know they must have had fun.

  4. Love the shirts and the cake!


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