Monday, January 17, 2011

Get a "glympse"

Have you seen or used this application?  It is super cool!

Richie sends me a glympse every day when he leaves the office. {Since we do live 45+ miles from his office.} 

No more wondering when should I start fixing dinner. {on those rare occasions I cook.} or more like it... how close is he to Pizza Hut, or our new favorite Palios Pizza.

No more kids asking when is daddy going to be home... they can watch it themselves.  LOVE IT!

Go check it out...


  1. My husband works in downtown Houston and it is always so hard to know when to start fixing supper or when we should just go ahead and eat b/c traffic is crazy. I hate calling him to check his progress...makes me feel like a nag. LOVE THIS!

  2. my brother told me about this a while ago and i thought.. neat but i'll never use it. then when i was in california i used it almost every day. it was great to see when he was coming home or when karin was coming back and forth from the hospital... and to be able to let them know i was on the way. it really is handy!!

  3. What an awesome app! Thank you for sharing it!

  4. That is so cool! fantastic!

  5. to be able to let them know i was on the way. it really is handy!!

    cazare bacau


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