Monday, July 19, 2010

Listen up!

UPDATE: If you missed the show... be sure to listen the recorded version... now available on Pat Sloans's Creative Talk Radio show.

Today is the day, at 4:30pm EST to be exact, I will be on the Pat Sloan Creative Talk radio show, Show 23! 

I am very excited to be chatting with her {maybe a little nervous too}.  Anyway... be sure to listen!

Ways to listen...
LIVE at 4:30 PM EST or Recorded Show at
iTunes at


  1. Cool, I'll definitely tune into that!!! You'll do GREAT, I'm sure!! Way to go Angela!!

  2. YAY I'll be able to listen if it's at 4:30 and not 4!
    Just think about the fact that you're talking to people who already admire you so easy peasy!

  3. Listening to you right now. =)You're so cool. :-P


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