Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pattern Designer Crush

Okay... so I confess, I have a few pattern designer crushes that I must share with you all. If you are looking for a great new pattern that is well writtern and CUTE... here are a few of my favorite pattern designers that you must absolutely own at least 1, 2, or all of their patterns.  I personally want to own ALL of their patterns.

Melly and Me
I own this book {signed by Melly herself!} and LOVE IT!!!  I hope to make something out of it very very soon for my kiddos.
My daughter is very much into horses at the moment and plan to make her this cutie for her easter basket.

Izzy and Ivy Designs
I met the lovely Izzy and Ivy girls at Market last Spring and was immediately attracted to their patterns... every single one!  I want to own every single one of their patterns... but for now... I think I will be making this cute little bag in the next week or two.  Have my fabrics picked out... pattern purchased... supplies ready... now just need a free day to make it. Hmmm... maybe this weekend.

Thimble Blossoms
Simple, beautiful designs come from this talented designer, Camille.  I have a couple of Camille's patterns and have recently made a quilt from one of her patterns.  Must make another!  Maybe I shall give this pattern a try next...

Amy Butler
I have been making things from Amy Butler's patterns from the time she was designing through Country Living Patterns.  Love all her designs, very easy to follow, amazing product outcome when completed.  I think the majority of the patterns I own at the moment are by Amy Butler.  I have all her books and even have one of them signed.  I have recently made a few bags from her patterns and plan to make more in the very near future.  AMAZING patterns! Going to make this pattern next...

Anka's Treasures
Heather was such a wonderful and sweet lady to meet last Spring at Market. She has designed some of the most beautiful quilts in her books and looking forward to make a quilt from this book...

Bananafana Designs
Jess Goldman is the designer for Bananfana Designs and I have made several of her pattern designs, including a skirt for my daughter {LOVE this skirt}, a skirt for myself {so CUTE!}, and a Bag {very creative}. I hope to make another one of her patterns sometime... maybe this one...

I think I could actually continue to list all my favorite designers, but I'll save the others for another post.

Thank you to all you pattern designers for taking the time to create such wonderful designs and writing very clear and easy to follow instructions.  It makes a difference!  I believe the way a pattern is written can either make or break the future sales of your patterns and you all have done an outstanding job with your instructions!  Thank you!

Who is your favorite pattern designer?


  1. Wow, I have so many favorites!
    I have a few Melly&me patterns - i love their work!
    I have Farbenmix and Studio Tantrum patterns (many...) - I love them all!
    I really want to get my hands on an the other disigners patterns - but no luck so far... (shipping to Israel is sometimes an issue...)

  2. I have the same book from Heather but sadly a few projects ahead of it... but I can't wait to start it one of these days!

  3. Totally drooling over that Melly and Me book!! You're right, a well written pattern makes ALL the difference :) Can't wait for lunch tomorrow.

  4. (Blushing) Do me a favor will you? Email me a list of the patterns of mine that you have. It will make my job much easier. :-)

    Thanks girl!!

  5. Thanks for sharing these! There are a few that I will have to go check out!

  6. Amy Butler... Izzy and Ivy Designs... & Atkinson Designs... AD patterns are often simple.. but they are the BEST written patterns out there.. have been tested... and always offer size options!

  7. I am having an Izzy and Ivy Giveaway on my blog...rund till Friday. # winners win 2 patterns each :)

  8. thank you so much. i'm always looking for new patterns!

    mary allison


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