Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last Friday, Matthew received a VERY SPECIAL DELIVERY!

Packed full of presents and treats!

Look at all this STUFF!

Paige even got to share in the fun and gifts...

Thank you...

Thank you...

Thank you all!!!  You made one little boy very, very happy!

Matthew would like to send his Hugs and Kisses to everyone in the Marketing Dept at Moda.

"Ganks"! ... Love, Matthew


  1. That is so very sweet! makes me love Moda even more. :)

  2. That is so sweet! You work with some incredible people! :)

  3. Yay!! That would make anyone feel like it is a special day!!

  4. Too wonderful, I'm glad to see he is feeling well enough to enjoy it all!

  5. oh how nice of them to do that ,
    love the way they decorated the box!
    bet he felt the love and knows that many people cared and worried about him

  6. what a nice box of yummy goodies to put some smiles on those faces... i'm glad things are on the up over there for you guys!

  7. I know this is off the track but can anyone tell me what the best fabric pens are for making quilt squares? I need something that has lots of colors and that washes really good.


  8. I am so glad that Matthew is okay. I have a little boy too, and I just know how hard and very scarey that situation would be for a mother to watch unfold. What a nice group of people you work with...I am sure both of them were delighted.


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