Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cricut Shirt Tutorial

Starting last year, I started to take my parents Christmas card pictures of all their grandkids.  This year, I had the idea of numbering each kid in birth order. Currently, there are 9 grandkids with two more on the way.  The nine grandkids belong to their 4 children (me included).  So each family was in a different color - Red, Blue, Green, and Grey. 2 kids were in Red, 3 in Blue, 2 in Green, and my 2 kids were in Grey.  I used my Cricut Expression and was so impressed with how much time it saved me, I just had to share the tutorial on how to cut fabric with your Cricut.

Supplies Needed:
Cricut Expression Machine
Plantin Schoolbook font cartridge - comes with the Cricut Expression machine New blade - This is a MUST! Imagine using your paper scissors to cut fabric... not good!
{I went through two blades making 9 shirts and playing around with it while testing it out}

New 12 x 12 mat
Pellon Wonder-Under
Shirt(s) -  I got mine from Old Navy
Moda Layer Cake Squares or 10" x 10" piece of fabric for each shirt


1- Iron the wrong side of your 10" square piece of fabric to the wonder-under. Trim around your fabric square.

2 - Place the paper side of the fabric down on the sticky side of the NEW mat for your Cricut.  Line it up at the correct corner using the guide marks on your Cricut mat.  Place the mat at the opening of your Cricut machine.

3 - Type in the numbers you wish to use for your shirt.  For this fabric, I used two number 2's... enter 22... on the Shadow setting.  Adjust your starting location to Left/Right: 2 and In/Out: 2. I set my blade dial to 4 (can be changed to 5 if needed), pressure on highest mark, speed to the 4th bar and the size they varied between 7-1/2" to 8" depending on the number.  If you set it for 8", then the machine will tell you if there is enough room, if not adjust down to 7 1/2". Load Paper and CUT!

4 - Once your numbers are done cutting, unload paper, then Load paper again.  Set your location to 9 and 2, change size to 2 or smaller... (whatever will fit) I always started with 2.5" and then if the Cricut told me it was too big for the area set, then I reduced until the whole name would fit.  The smallest I did was 1". Type in the name, set it on the Shadow setting... and CUT! 

5 - Once it is done cutting the name, unload the paper and wala!  You have two numbers and a name ready to be applied to a shirt.  NOTE:  You may need to use your Cricut tools to help the smaller letters and details come off the mat easily.

6 - Lay your shirt out flat and position your number for the front.

7 - Remove the paper backing from the back of the fabric and iron in place.

8 - Repeat the process for the back of the shirt and iron on the number and name... jersey style!

9 - Finally, stitch around all your numbers and letters for a finished touch.

Adorable new shirts made with the ease of your Cricut machine!  Make one for each of your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews!


  1. that's clever... :( I don't have a cricut..yet haha

  2. quite the team you have there... when does the baseball game start? ;-)

  3. Love this! I have closed my eyes every time I walk by the Cricut isle and demonstrations. Much too tempting. I love tools like this, but I need another tool like I need a kick in the shin. LOL! Your shirts are truly the BOMB! You go girl!

  4. Very cute! Wish I had a Cricut! Great idea to get the grandkids together for a picture every year. Those will be priceless as they grow older!

  5. I got my Cricut. I am ready

  6. Too Cute! Wasn't sure I needed a cricut until I saw your post. Next step is to find a good price. Have you had any experience with Just wondering if they are legit...

  7. my brother got me a cricut for my birthday... i'll see how well it works {or not} tonight... i have lots of letters to cut out!

  8. That is such a wonderful idea--so cute! I have a Cricut but get so frustrated every time I try to use it. I really need to spend some time just playing around with it.

  9. I got my cricut expression online at Walmart with the site to store option. We were able to get the 12x24 mat, (extra) and the spatula, and a cricut light cartridge, all together came to 182 dollar.

    They sent it to the store FED EX, took about a week. Didn't really make a lot of sense because in the local stores they are selling for 249.
    But it was sure okay with me. We didn't have a lot of choice on the cartridge, but they have an easy return policy, so we exchanged the
    the cartridge that came with it for one we wanted once it arrived at the store.


    Each item listed up separately the Cricut expression actually came out to be only 154 dollars.


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