Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Friendship Bag Swap

A little while back I joined a Friendship Bag Swap hosted by the Quilting Gallery.

This is the lovely little "Dutch" bag I received all the way from the Netherlands. Thank you, Erica!
Check out all the wonderful goodies that were inside....
Butter candies.... YUM!
Cute little Dutch shoes, and some beautiful blue and white fabrics with Dutch inspired prints.

Upon receiving my bag... it quickly made me realize how I too needed to get a bag off to my Swap partner. So... here is the bag sent yesterday to my secret swap partner filled with some Moda goodness.

Thank you, Michele for hosting such a surpising event and to Rachel for the wonderful bag tutorial!


  1. i skipped this swap because i had so much going on.. but after seeing all these cute bags i wish i had!! yours is adorable!

  2. ooooh!!!
    look at you, you lucky duck...
    getting a dutch goodie bag.

  3. how fun.. my husband would be jealous.. he lived in the Netherlands for 2 years... you got some great swag!

  4. Love the blue and white!

  5. I'm the lucky swap partner. Thank you Angela!


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