Monday, July 27, 2009

A morning of flying...

Saturday Morning Phone Call to Poppy {aka: my dad} at 7:30am

Granny: Hello?

Paige: Poppy Please.

Granny: Okay, hold on a minute.

Poppy: Hello?

Paige: Paige fly Poppy {translation... I (paige) want to go flying}

Poppy: You want to flying?!

Paige: Uh huh.

Poppy: Okay!

Paige: Paige come tirty mi-its {translation... I will be there in thirty minutes.}

So, Paige and I head on over to Granny and Poppy's house so she can go flying with Poppy. On the way there...

Paige: Mommy stay with Gra-ee and Paige go a-self... k. {translation... I want to go flying all by myself with Poppy and you stay at the house with Granny... Okay.}

Me: Oh... Okay (surprised).

Paige has gone flying several times while sitting in my lap... never by herself.

She has become such a big girl... I am so proud!

Oh... and btw... if you know where I can find a pink toy airplane, please let me know. She told me that she wants christmas (aka: Santa) to bring her a PINK airplane.


  1. AnonymousJuly 27, 2009

    Do a search on ebay for "pink airplane". There's a Fisher Price one, a pink dog bed airplane, (Which I will now purchase, thanks to you) and even a glass airplane. Oh, and a pink airplane pedal car. I love ebay!

  2. My hubby is a pilot, so we just HAD to have a Fisher Price Lil' Movers airplane for our little girl. She LOVES it. Unfortunately, we had already bought the regular one when we realized it came in pink too! So, here is the link for the pink one: I've seen it sold at Target, Toys R Us, etc...

  3. lucky! lucky Paige....oh! to fly in Grandpa's plane :)

  4. fisher price has a pink airplane

    If you go to an old fashion toy store where they sell models I bet you could find a model airplane and spray paint it pink if you don't want a toy one
    I did that with a car once as a gift! Gave a friend a red corvette for a birthday!

  5. Okay that is so cute! What a great way to start my morning. I'm not sure that I'm that brave, although your dad looks like a great pilot. I love that kids have no fear!

  6. how stinkin' cute is that?!?!
    you could totally go into target {or walmart} abd buy a boy plane and spray paint it pink for paige.

  7. ebay has some cute ones. She's adorable! Jenn

  8. Fisher Price made a bunch of their toys in pink last spring. They have a "Little People" airplane in pink. I would be the expert on girly airplane hubby is a pilot, so we're always on the lookout for it! ;)

  9. What a brave little chicky - she'll go places!

  10. I would be surprised if Barbie doesn't have pink plane someplace...just a thought. What a darling conversation and a darling daughter you have their.

  11. Your little girl really wants to feel big! So precious! It looks like you have quite a few ideas for pink airplanes! Hope the search goes well. Nice to see a post from you!

  12. What a lucky girl! Oh my, my little guys would be jealous.

    Paige is so brave, and what a sweet Poppy she has. Fun post!

  13. Someday Paige is going to truly treasure these fun for her to be able to fly all by herself with her grandfather!

  14. What a wonderful Poppy! She's an absolute doll.


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