Monday, February 23, 2009

Cora Paige...

I don't really know how to start this post off properly. I first read about Cora Paige and her family a couple weeks ago and was speechless. The images of little Cora Paige in the hospital were all too familiar and distressful. Our daughter, Emelie Paige, was intubated at just 15 months old with a severe Asthma attack and looked just like this little girl connected to all the tubing and machines. I just could not imagine what it would be like to not be able to bring my little girl home. My heart truly went out to this family when I read about their story... not to mention all wonderful people that have been raising funds and all the prayers to help this family at their time of loss. Truly AMAZING! I just can't imagine actually losing my little girl at such a young age. If you have not heard about Cora Paige, you can read about her here and the legacy she has left.

There are several handmade items on Etsy to support the Cora Paige Playground. I just received this adorable little dress that I purchased for my Paige from the Cora Paige Playground on Etsy. It is from Plumtickled and is absolutely adorable!
(picture taken by Plumtickled)

Jessica McClenahan, Cora's mommy, is now starting her own Etsy shop with some adorable children fashions in memory of Cora. Can't wait to see what she comes out with!


  1. oh i just read it last night on the main page of etsy! i was so beside myself i kept thinking what could i do! i think i'll go and buy something just to support! that dress is adorable! my katie would look so cute in that!

  2. heartbreaking.
    i haven't been on etsy in a few days, so i was totally unaware of this.

    i can't begin to imagine going through that.

  3. Angela,
    My heart just breaks over stories like this. Thanks so much for posting about mom's new etsy shop and raising money in honor of Cora.

  4. There is another little girl, Hannah age 2, who needs help. We are asking for 6.5 blocks to make her a quilt, patterns for a 2 year old for hats that can be worn in Fl. or hats, 20 inches around is the measurement, since she will not have any hair in a few days or even just a card to make this single parent Mom know we are all pulling for the Chemo to work.

    Hannah has already lost a kidney to this cancer. Her photo can be seen on her friends site. If anyone would like to send a girlie pink block you can post to this site for the address. This Mom is alone with this sick child.

    I'll go buy something to support Cora's playground.


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